Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thank GOODNESS! People have arrived and Rochester is no longer a ghost manor!

Blanche thinks I'm not smart enough for charades huh? Well at least I'm smart enough to see right through her beautiful facade! Unlike Rochester, who might just end up "buying" her hand in marriage.
Something tells me there is something UP with this "Mr. Mason"...How does he know so much about Rochester's past?

Finally things are looking less gloomy in the love department. However, strange in others...
Was that Rochester posing as a "gypsy WOMEN"? Dear I hope not!

I woke up last night to a wailing scream! Mr. Mason was stabbed! Why did Rochester confide in me?
What is he hiding?
I keep having terrifying dreams involving babies...Help!!!
My dreams were in fact premonitions...headed home to Gateshead to make my amends.